The Story
This eposide take place after Kyle has turned to the dark path, after defeating Jerec.

You are Emperor Katarn, which you had defeated Jerec and absorbed the power of the Valley. You are now the Emperor of the newly reborn Garpahic Empire.

Sarris says "Our spies has found a small Rebel uprising on Danuta."

You say "There is no time for the petty uprisings. Extingish them painfully."

Sarris says "Yes, Emperor."

You had ordered Sariss to extringish the rebels painfully on Danuta. After that, some of your behave very strangely. Some did not accomplish, some did not return... You have to do all those mission yourself. Your Garpahic Empire was shanken down to just two Dark Jedi: You and Sarris.

You'd need to terrorize the planets where you'd have been before, Kill as many people as possible, and the remains will result in fear and force them to rejoin your empire.

You say "I will terrorize the planet of Nar Shaddaa, the place where I was born."...


You must find Luke and Max and destroy them, then go down to one of the ancient Valley of the Jedi catacombs to recharge your power...

About this eposide

This eposide will contain 4 single player levels (Plus a secret level accessable from Level 2). This eposide was finished in March 13, 1999

This eposide, "Dark Emperor", in the earlier plans it was called "Emperor Katarn's Mission" until my friend has advised me to change the name. He said "Emperor Katarn's Mission is not a good name". I was thinking for a batter name and got the idea to call this episode "Dark Emperor".

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Construction time:

Level 1: About 3.5 weeks for architecture and a week for enemy/item placement, few days for cogging/cog testing

Level 2: About 7 days for architecture, 1 day for item/enemy placement, and 1 day for cogging/cog testing)

Level 3: Less than a day for the architecture and item placement; About 3 days for cogging/cog testing for the bosses

Level 4: About 3 days for architecture, less than 1 days for item/enemy placement, less than 1 days for cogging/cog testing